Do you have an iStall ?   
Open an iStall® on if you have a shop, showroom or office in the city as a sales point for local people.

What is an iStall® ?
Just like a typical stall in a fair or expo or mela, iStall is an extension of your business on Internet where people can come and interact with you. You can put up day-to-day business offers, display your products or premises through photos & video, and directly talk to your visitors.

People can visit your iStall anytime of day or year with a mouse-click. So you can do business in afternoons and rainy days too :)

"But we have our own website..."
In the real world, even though you have your shop in the main market, you put up your stall in the 'Festival Mela' to attract more visitors. Your website is like your shop and iStall is like a stall in 'Festival Mela'. Imagine as a fair or expo on Internet (which runs year long!). People come here because it’s a popular place, easy to access, and they can find iStalls of many local businesses at one place.

Also, our iStall™ service is more hi-tech than a simple website. Here you can interact LIVE with your visitors or receive offline enquiries from them. Updating day-to-day business offers like "today’s special" or "50% discount this weekend…" etc. is easy like writing an SMS!
Make your day-to-day life easier...
If you are living in a city, will allow you to interact with local businesses through Internet. You can also visit local "Community Centers" on to interact with your kind of people in the city... buying similar product or service, living in same locality, or having similar occupation. When you visit the Community Center of your choice, you also find relevant ads and offers from local businesses - quite useful in day-to-day life.

"Oh, another website to locate exotic restaurants and spas..."
Thankfully, we want to take you beyond that :) We understand that once you have spent a few months in a city, such services are needed only once in a while. focuses on day-to-day activities and hence we want to enable you to enquire, discuss, bargain and order with local businesses through Internet, just like you would do on physically visiting their shop.

We also want to enable the local businesses to inform you about things like "today’s special", "50% discount- stocks limited", "5 seats left – hurry!" etc., and display their videos and product catalogs.

On, you will NOT find :

x Local 'News'.

x Local tourism information.

x 3rd party reviews/ratings of local businesses.
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